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Given that most of our communication and exploration is - for the moment – online, what better time to take part in an online retreat?


Sources of Wisdom has been designed so that you can participate in a way that suits you. It doesn’t involve setting aside an enormous amount of time (that’s already been done for you), but it will work best if you designate a certain period during which you are on retreat, whether that be a morning, an afternoon, a day, a weekend, a week or a month.


The retreat is structured into one-and-a-half hour sessions: meditation, video of a talk, followed by a time for personal reflection.

Retreat for a Group

You could also do this retreat with others – perhaps with a meditation group that you usually attend in person. Your group can decided how you want to structure it but here is a suggestion. You can decide to meditate and listen to the talks at the same time each day and meet as a group online at the end of the day to discuss with one another your personal reflections. We offer discounts for groups of 10 and over.

What will you discover on this retreat:

Lesson 1: Introduction: The Essential Teaching of Meditation

Lesson 2: The Taste and Experience of Wisdom

Lesson 3: Light, Glory, Time and Ritual

Lesson 4: The Purpose of Ritual, Discipline and Community

Lesson 5: The Wisdom of the Mantra: Poverty and Humility

Lesson 6: From Law to Grace : The Wisdom of Failure

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